In the era of Internet of things and artificial intelligence, smart home has become a trend,
various products emerge in endlessly. We focus on the field of intelligent security home, through a platform for lighting,
heating, cameras, motion sensors and a variety of intelligent electrical integration, to achieve personalized home experience management.


Smart Sockets, used in conjunction with other appliances, to realize various function

Temperature and humidity Sensors
Temperature and humidity Sensors
Time switch
WiFi enchancement

electric      control

Such as intelligent temperature control,
no matter where you are, you can remotely control the home air conditioning, warm, fresh air and other systems.

Intelligent security
monitoring system

In the event of fire, harmful gas leaks, theft and other accidents in the house, Interlligent security monitoring system can automatically alarm.
when you are not at home, you can view the surveillance video in real-time, and remotely control it.

Intelligent voice will be the basis input tool for future Internet of Things.
Users can simply dialogue with intelligent household euipment, and get the required response. everything becomes faster and more convenient.
We have developed the XiaoAn and Blue dog. Cooperate with the AMAZON Echo, You can arm and disarm various security products through voice ,
such as doorbell,Gas detchtor, Smoke detector,Infrared detector,Door contract,waterproof emergency button,ets., and ask its status.

Blue dog

Blue Dog protects your home

Intelligent voice lighting control
Voice light switch control
Voice brightness adjustment control
Voice scene selection control
Voice light mode control
voice smart door lock
We will soon launch a voice smart door lock, you can open or close the door through the voice command.
while voice recognition technology will be conversations with the user in the intelligent door lock,
comparing the voice file through uniqe voiceprint characteristic quickly identify the user identity, fast and secure.

We will announce more intelligent home and voice control new products in the future.

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